We can deliver to most places in the UK via Fedex.Delivery charge is £10.50 for 20kilo. After 20kilo you will be charged a further £7.00 This includes packaging Etc.
 we refund and charge PayPal fees on anyone ordering out of the delivery zone to Scotland.
We have now added a Baccs Payment Button To the Payment Page.
Deliveries Are Sent Out Monday To Thursday ,So Last Order For The Week Needs To Be Done Before 8 Am Thursday.
Will all customers Please note, on the bottom of you order page there is a place for delivery instructions. 
We are having problems with the delivery drivers not knowing where to leave your parcel if you are out .
Please leave Instructions for them on your door where they can read it . 
If you dont wish to do that can you put your mobile number under your address on your paypal adress.
we pack our milk boxes with insulated bubble wrap and ice packs to keep milk cold  as sometimes with human error deliveries can be late ! . we track parcel as soon as it leaves farm until it’s delivered!
 delivery to Scotland, we do not deliver to ,i.e outer islands.Also please see on the map where our couriers deliver.a rough guide is a straight line across the map from glasgow, if you are close to this line or above please ring us so we can get a price from courier for you.
we refund and charge PayPal fees on anyone ordering out of the delivery zone to Scotland.
We Can Deliver To Anywhere In The UK Via Fedex.Delivery Charge Is £10.50 For 20kilo. After 20kilo You Will Be Charged A Further £7.00 This Includes Packaging Etc.
 A picture of delivery zones are at the bottom of this page.
your order will be sent out within 2/3 days of us recieving your order you will get an email to say delivery on its way to you. Delivery are sent out Monday to Thursday ,so last order for the week needs to be done before 9 am Thursday as long as it’s in stock ! We do not do any Saturday deliveries.    we do everything we can to do your parcel for delivery the next day . 
Stock level on the shop will tell you when anything is out of stock
Green = stock , orange = limited stock  and RED = out of stock .
We occasionally run out of things.  If what's missing seems to us to be a significant proportion of the order, we'll try to contact you to discuss possible alternatives. Please note that if the package is left it is at your own risk: the ideal situation is always a delivery address with a person in it, whether this is home or workplace.
All milk is sent out from the farm freshly milked, for delivery on a 24 hour service. As this is a RAW, Natural product, the shelf life and natural souring point can change from batch to batch. In our experience, the milk will remain very fresh for 4-5 days, before souring. There is a small possibility that the milk may arrive already having soured, which is out of our control, but this is on very rare occasions. When soured the milk is perfectly safe to drink, possibly even more beneficial, as the milk is naturally fermenting, which will pre-digest the nutrients making them more digestible and bio-available to the body.
*We take no responsibility for milk that is sour upon arrival, this is the small risk you take on ordering this natural live product* 
Please Note we cannot Guarantee your time of delivery. delivery is next day by 6 pm , boxes are insulated with ice pack for this reason
Delivery Zones.